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A hashtag is an amazing social media phenomenon, especially on Twitter and Instagram. It has grown in popularity because it’s valuable in finding the right content on social media. However, finding the right hashtags can be daunting until you use our free Instagram Hashtag Generator. 

The overuse of hashtags may bring in a lot of humorous sketches. But when used properly, hashtags can be extremely valuable for you as a content creator. They’re an integral part of digital marketing strategy nowadays. Hashtags may help you with

  • Branding and visibility
  • Analyzing the competition 
  • Strategizing promotion
  • Boosting the audience engagement 

And you can enjoy the benefits of Instagram hashtags with our hashtags generating tool. It helps you find the hashtags related to your niche based on a seed keyword like ‘travel’ or ’email marketing.’

Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool by H-Supertools

It must be the best Instagram Hashtag Generator that is free as well. Why? Because it generates the top 30 hashtags based on your main topic in seconds. So you not only save time but also have a solid collection of Instagram hashtags. 

For example, if your seed keyword is “cars,” this Instagram Hashtag Generator will give you hashtags like #carshare, #carstagram, #cargram, and more.

Hashtags are an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. How you use hashtags is entirely up to you, but one certain thing is that the more hashtags you generate, the better!

Trying to come up with all these hashtags yourself can be a very time-consuming process. That’s why it makes sense to let our free Instagram hashtag generator do all the hard work for you!

The best feature of this tool? You can choose which keywords or hashtags trigger each random hashtag to avoid irrelevant results. Once you’re happy with the list of generated tags, copy and paste them into your post caption, comment section – whatever you want!

But if you’re just a starter, let us walk you through the basics first. Let’s get started. 

What is a Hashtag on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram are letters, numbers, words, and emojis combined with a hashtag symbol #. For example, #travel is a popular hashtag for Instagram posts related to traveling, and it’s like a tag for a subject, topic, or interest. 

And you can also create your own custom Instagram hashtags as we did for #HEducate for H-Educate. It’s a blog about SEO and digital marketing founded by our founder Hassan if you didn’t already know. Creating such hashtags is a brilliant branding strategy on IG. 

There are some other terrific benefits of using hashtags on Instagram. Let’s find them out!

How to Get Benefit From Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important to increase your audience on Instagram. It boosts the visibility of your brand on the platform. If you use a hashtag in your post, Reel, or story, it appears on a relevant content page on IG. 

People interested in a particular hashtag follow it on Instagram too. Your content appears in their feed if you manage to be on the hashtag page. It means that your hashtagged posts, story, or Reel appears before them. And it boosts your followers and engagements. 

Instagrams hashtags motivate your audience to engage with your content on the platform. Lots of brands have been using hashtags effectively. For example, Nike Los Angeles used #PlayInside on Instagram to market their play area for kids. 

How Our Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Works

Instagram Hashtag Generator gets the data from the Instagram API and shows it to you. It means that you get 99% accurate data for your seed keyword. Include the generated hashtags into your Instagram posts, stories, and Reels to bring in genuine fans. 

Keep in mind that hashtags don’t bring in many likes, comments, and followers immediately. But they do help you achieve organic and long-lasting results. And your business or IG profile needs to keep growing organically. 

Why Use Instagram Hashtag Generator by H-Supertools

Free Instagram Hashtag Generator by H-Supertools is a lightning-fast tool to generate hashtags. Instagram hashtags categorize your posts organically on the platform. And they help you reach the right audience as well. 

Our hashtag generating tool 

  • It helps your audience to find you on Instagram
  • Increases engagements among your fans
  • Generates only the relevant hashtags

And it’s free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for using the tool because we run ads. The right hashtags help you share your interests, and they encourage Instagram users to explore content that catches their interest in a particular niche. 

Top FAQs Our Tool

In this section, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Instagram hashtags. Let’s get started right now.  

How to follow a hashtag on Instagram?

Once you are on Instagram, click on any hashtag and tick the blue ‘follow’ button. You’ll see the photos and videos related to the hashtag once you follow it. That’s how easy it is to follow a hashtag on Instagram. 

How to hashtag on Instagram?

Whether you’re on the phone or a computer system, take or upload a photo or video. Add a filter or edit it if you want. Click on the ‘Next’ or right arrow and write a caption. For adding a hashtag, strike the symbol # followed by a text, number, or emoji. For example, #instagramhashtag. 

How to hide hashtags on Instagram?

The only method to hide hashtags on Instagram is to create a long caption or add a line. It will make your hashtags almost invisible to your audience. This way, they only focus on your caption. However, there’s no method to hide hashtags as a viewer or user.  

How to come up with a seed keyword to get hashtags?

For getting almost 30 popular hashtags, you need to enter a seed keyword in our Instagram Hashtag Generator. For keywords, you may want to see what matches the best with your photo or video. If it contains mountains, you may wish to enter ‘mountain’ as a seed keyword. Use the free Keyword Research Tool for niching down the keyword research. 

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram to feed our tool?

Do you want to know what the top hashtags are that people on Instagram are using? It can be helpful when you’re looking for other users or you want to find new trends.

Since hashtags help categorize posts and make searching easier, it’s good to use them whenever you post a photo on Instagram. However, sometimes it might be hard to find the hashtags you’re looking for. That is why trending hashtags on Instagram are so helpful since they show what other users are searching for!

There are several ways that you can see trending hashtags on Instagram.

  • Go to search in Instagram app
  • Click “Toggle Hashtag Trending” at the top

You can also do this in IG’s Explore and Hashtagger, which you access by going to your stories and swiping left. When you click on a red hashtag icon, it will show you the top posts for that tag.

Let’s check out other digital marketing tools we have got for you now. 

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In addition to Instagram Hashtag Generator, we have got tons of other amazing tools as well. All these tools, also called H-Supertools, help you achieve your digital marketing goals. From SEO to emails, we have got the helping tool for you. 

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All of them are free forever. And you’ll never be required to pay a single penny. We support H-Supertools with display ads from Google. Contact us if you have any suggestions or complaints about any tool. 


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