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While many claim that blogs hosted on a free host like Blogger are not ideal for ranking your blog well, the fact that a blog hosted on Blogger can rank very quickly, if you do the right SEO used tools, it is good to arrange online. . Now, with the latest updates from Google, it’s best to hire someone special, but if you do not have the resources or want to learn how to do it yourself, you can choose to start with natural references. Here are some tips for natural referrals ( search engine optimization ). SEO Strategies for Bloggers Choose a good domain We should try to include our keywords in the domain name; can sacrifice our brand, can use our conversion. Create value-added content Do not rewrite or edit articles as intended for us. When writing our articles, we need to consider our target audience, such as tips, advice, tips or hints on specific topics, as well as the use of links, anchor text, key phrases: The topic of the link is important. They should be of high q


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