Initial Thoughts on Semrush

Initial Thoughts on Semrush

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For a graduate school project at West Virginia University in Web Metrics & SEO, we started working with Semrush.  The class uses a Pro membership level to use and learn SEO optimization. Use this portfolio website,, my portfolio website to see how I can better optimize this website for rankings, especially for keywords like – graphic design, website design, and marketing consultation.  

Set up

Setting this up includes making sure that your website is connected to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and these are utilized in some analytics elements within Semrush.

Google Analytics vs. Semrush

That said, some might ask the difference between Google Analytics and Semrush. Well, GA is simply a tool to analyze how your website’s internal performance. At the same time, Semrush is a complete marketing platform that can analyze the inner workings of your website and analyze external things about your competition, and it includes marketing features.

However, we will not be going through all the marketing features in the course, as the focus is on learning about the SEO optimization capabilities of Semrush.

A little more info about Semrush for their website.”Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Our tools and reports can help marketers that work in the following services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management (Semrush, n.d.)

Starting a project

Starting a project is pretty easy! Start at the dashboard and enter your domain. Once this is set up, the first thing you can see is an evaluation of site health.  


The first report that we looked at was a site audit.  It is a report of your overall site health and provides you with errors and notices. This is very interesting because it gives you all of the pages on your site and evaluates their site health.  

Semrush dashboard

If you have issues, they will be listed at the top of the dashboard, and you can dig down deeper to read why there might be some warnings. Each section provides the count and a dropdown menu with an explanation of the errors.

Many of my pages had some issues with Javascript and CSS files, and these errors had to do with minimizing CSS and JavaScript. There is a WordPress plug-in to install that deals with those issues called WP ROCKET, which I have used in the past. Here is a link at WP Beginner. I think I will install this plugin if this helps these issues. I will report in the next blog.

On-Page SEP Checker

The other option I found helpful was on page SEO checker. To set this up, check the entered keywords that you liked to be found for and link Semrush to your Google Search Console.

 A report then shows your pages with a list of ideas to help optimize the site. Including backlink ideas, technical ideas, semantic ideas, and content ideas, which I found most interesting.  

Content Ideas to Help with Optimization

I could probably optimize the content on my website to perform better for chosen keywords as this was originally started not as a blog website but a portfolio site. Not set up to be used for a business and trying to get people to find it. I used it as a tool portfolio tool only. However, using these suggestions and optimizing the content better can only be helpful.   Here is a sample view of the content errors report:

I will install a plug-in for WP called Yoast (click to read more about this) to address these errors, which can help add content tags and keywords to the back end. I will report on this in the next blog too.

Another cool feature is within the errors report in a ranking about the fixed difficulty.

Then in the dropdown error “Why should I do?” there is an explanation box. Which I found super helpful.

Additionally, Semrush offers lessons on the Semrush Academy site. I will be taking the Semrush SEO Toolkit Course for my class.  Semrush Academy describes this course as –

“Make the most of Semrush’s SEO Toolkit by taking our course. Provided by a team of Semrush professionals, you’ll delve into all the best and need-to-know features of the toolkit to help you drive better results” (Semrush, n.d.).

To conclude, my initial thoughts on Semrush are that I am very excited to try and see all tcapabilitieI’ve’vecapabilitieI’ve’ve’vetcapabilitieI’ve’vecapabilitieI’ve’ve’vetcapabilitieI’ve’vecapabilitieI’ve’ve’ve’ve used other marketing platforms before in the past, like HubSpot, which have similar capabilities; however, my initial impression of Semrush is that it is a little more user-friendly then Hubspot. I’m excited to give it a shot, and I will let you know how it is going and share some updates in the next blog.

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Off- Topic Helpful Tip:

Even though they are shorter in length than some stories and reports, writing blogs can still take a long time for some people. Writing thoughts down is harder for me than just talking, at least for some people. So when I came across an excellent blog by Hubspot titled,  “Here’s How I Wrote This 1,000-Word Blog Post in 10 Minutes” (Mineo, 2017), it was a total gamechanger for me. It suggests using Evernote, a popular notetaking app (that I already use on a regular basis) with your iPhone Siri app.  Using the Siri app, just talk into your phone, and it will be captured in a note as text. It does have to be edited and revised, as the microphone sometimes misspells words, but it is a great starting point when the thought of typing a 1,000-word blog seems daunting.


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