Malanca Digital

I feel like the Malanca Digital Team is an extension of my internal marketing team.

The Malanca Digital Team is a core asset of our online marketing efforts. While we are a relatively new site, they have enabled us to quickly build Google Search into one of our biggest and fastest growing traffic channels. Malanca Digital also helped us design and build a solution to capture more Google Local Search customers, which is an important part of our business.

John and the Malanca Digital Team care as much about my business as I do.

The Malanca Digital team has helped us increase our online customers and revenue we get from google search (seo). Our google natural search rankings have increased for high value cannabis & cbd keywords which has led to search being our highest revenue growth channel. The Malanca Digital team has been incredibly helpful in setting up our online analytics and reporting correctly, so that we know which online channels are driving customers and revenue, and how to invest our marketing budget to drive maximum return.

I trust this team of marketing experts implicitly!

I have been in the cannabis space for over 12 years, and have been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest minds in digital marketing during that time. This team of industry experts have enabled me, and United Patients Group to become the leading source of Medical Cannabis information on the internet today – reaching over one million people every year.

The Malanca Digital Team does what they say will do, and then some.

After working with and evaluating a number of different SEO agencies, I chose to work with Malanca Digital because they are experts in SEO, go deep into the details, and produce results. Early on, the team identified a major problem that was hurting our Google search performance and worked with us to quickly fix the problem. The CBD market is a highly competitive space and Malanca Digital has been a key asset for us in driving more customers and revenue from Google Search.


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