Tenable.sc provides extremely flexible reporting capabilities, utilizing more than 350 pre-built templates and a user-friendly report creation interface to easily create customized reports. The HTML5-based reports consolidate data from across your organization so you can measure and analyze your security effectiveness. Working from existing templates, you can completely customize data by deleting or adding certain components or adjusting filters to develop reports to meet your various needs.

You can develop multiple reports, each customized to provide a different view of collected data so you can deliver informative and timely reports to the appropriate teams or decision-makers within your organization. Reports can range from extremely detail-oriented to high-level summaries. Reports are available in standard PDF and CSV formats. You can schedule and automatically email reports, share to one or more specified console users and/or publish to one or more sites upon completion.

You can also use Tenable.sc to comprehensively and automatically report on your network compliance with complex standards such as PCI and NIST.


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